StartupBanking – Karma Ventures Interview

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Intro: Jaap Dekter spoke with Marili Merendi, an Associate at Karma Ventures, at the recent Startup Banking event in Amsterdam in January 2019. The interview took place in front of a live audience with the aim of fostering a better understanding of VCs and their reasoning. Read the full transcript below for insight into what Karma Ventures is looking for … Read More

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Last month we hosted Startup Banking Lisbon, the second edition of our series of exclusive events for startups and VC’s. We are extremely happy with the positive feedback we receive from the attending founders and VC’s. More importantly, the number of deals that are happening between founders and VC’s who met at one of our events is growing steadily. We’re … Read More

What is Startup Banking?



Startup Banking is a new approach to early stage financing. We believe our analytical approach is a welcome addition to the startup ecosystem, especially for metric-driven founders and investors. Through this blog, we want to share our knowledge and invite you to add yours. Jaap Dekter, the founder of Amsterdam Venture Partners and Startup Banking, explains what Startup Banking is … Read More