Why Startup Banking Amsterdam – Seed Edition – was an amazing success


Startup Banking Event


Last week we hosted our first ever event: Startup Banking Amsterdam – Seed Edition, and it was an amazing success.

In the months running up to the event, we spoke with great founders throughout the Netherlands and Belgium to arrive at a final set of twenty founders who we felt would be appealing to the ten amazing early stage VC’s (investors who invest between 500k – 2000k in SaaS/Marketplace startups) who were attending.

We had strong early indications of being on the right track as one of our selected founders signed a term sheet two days before the start of the event, but we were still amazed by the actual outcome of the day.

After a somewhat rocky start due to the fire alarm going off, things took a turn for the better when we started our first interactive Q&A session with the audience and international VC’s. The Q&A sessions were followed by pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings with the founders and the attending VC’s.

Amsterdam Venture Partners had spent a lot of time screening & matching the right parties, and while we want to do even better next time, I’ll just add some quotes from two of the attending VC’s

“To be honest I had not expected to leave this event with four ventures that we consider very interesting ”- Wouter Volckaert, Force Over Mass 

“Good Event. It was fun – well done! And most importantly: an amazing group of entrepreneurs and great startups! Congratulations” – Markus Grundmann, Senovo

Or, from one of our attending founders

”I enjoyed this event very much but also had some really interesting meetings. All the VC managers I met were engaged and a pleasure to meet. This definitely is not something that can be relied upon and it made for a very positive day (whether they have follow up interest or not)” – Nathan Griffiths, 30MHZ

In addition to amazing VC’s and founders, we were also lucky enough to find an amazing group of Partners who made this event possible. We had partners such as ABN AMRO and AWS, who had great offers to our participating startups, but also local partners such as New Amsterdam Capital, Polaris Growth, and Seedrs who could help out with recruitment, growth and equity crowdfunding respectively.

Together, all these different ingredients made the entire event valuable for everybody with an interest in the Early-Stage scene in Amsterdam.

Given the success, our future is looking bright. We will host Seed-stage events throughout Europe, and we’ve also set our sights on hosting Series A events for founders who need >€3M.

Our next Seed event will be hosted in Lisbon. We’re looking forward to introducing the best Portuguese startups to European Early Stage VC’s and we call out to interested Portuguese founders to contact us!