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Last month we hosted Startup Banking Lisbon, the second edition of our series of exclusive events for startups and VC’s. We are extremely happy with the positive feedback we receive from the attending founders and VC’s. More importantly, the number of deals that are happening between founders and VC’s who met at one of our events is growing steadily. We’re really excited.

All this motivates us to start scaling the format and it strengthens our believe that together with our partners we help founders grow to a successful Series A and remove roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving the required growth.

For those who don’t know about our events: at our Startup Banking Events we identify the best startups ( (max 20) in a particular region, and we invite VC’s who invest at their stage, from all over Europe, to meet with these founders. Before the event, we work on the deck and fundraising strategy of the startups. After the event, all the startups become part of our Startup Banking Alumni network, where we continue supporting the startups on their journey from Seed to Series A.

What attending VC’s said about Startup Banking Lisbon:
AvP makes my job easier. The quality of startups that they had filtered down for me was highly attractive, we continue conversations with more than half of them. I look forward to the next event. Jan Borgstädt – JOIN Capital

The pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings between the potential investors and the pre-vetted startups  with pitches sent at forehand made it a very productive day’ Thomas Desimpel- Business Angel

A cracking event, smoothly run and lots of fun. I was impressed with the quality of the startups, and their level of preparation. I look forward to following up with several of the founders I met in Lisbon. Time well spent! Ross Strachan – Adara Ventures.

Why Startup Banking Lisbon?
We decided to come to Lisbon to host our 2nd event because we like the entrepreneurial vibe of this city. Together with our strong network of local investors, accelerators & amazing corporate partners such as Millennium bcp and SRS Legal, we were able to launch an event that could have a real impact on the local ecosystem.   

Preparation programme
We spent the summer screening startups and in September we announced the 16 startups we considered to be the best local Seed stage startups. After being selected, the startups participate in a preparation programme where we help them get ready for the one-on-one meetings with investors at the event. is powered by Amsterdam Venture Partners, Europe’s fundraising advisory firm for companies raising their Seed or Series A round. The startup bankers at Amsterdam Venture Partners work with the founders on their deck, their fundraising strategy and their forecasts. We also introduce startups to other partners who can help with key advice on areas such as recruiting or legal issues. By combining the insights of our partners, our preparation programme helps founders maximise the probability they can make a good impression at the event.

The event
At the event founders and VC’s follow their crazy personal schedules of 20 minute meetings. Some of the VC’s had 9 meetings in total. We interspersed these meetings with three plenary Q & A sessions by Jaap where international VC’s shared their thoughts on early stage investing and what matters for their fund especially. Besides these moments where all participants can learn something we make sure the catering is really good and we assign a buddy to participating VC’s that helps them during the day.

Startup Banking Alumni Network
Founders that were selected for our events stay in our community and this means that we will continue to help them grow and support them up to the moment they raise their Series A. Our goal is to create a European community of best in class startups that we can introduce to our network of amazing partners in recruitment, funding and anything else that founders need.

Are you interested in being part of this adventure, please reach out to and we tell you about the possibilities. Our next event will be Startup Banking Amsterdam – Series A edition – 17th of January. This event is for startups who want to raise between 3M & 10M in 2019. In addition to these Series A event, we want to host 6-10 Seed Stage Editions in cities throughout Europe. If you think we should come to your city, let us know! Send your questions to